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Pardes Levavot

Pardes Levavot, “Orchard of Hearts,” was formed in the spirit of creating conscious holy community. Our name expresses the spiritual blossoming of each individual heart within an inspiring and nurturing orchard.

For information on our congregation please call (303) 563-2110 and leave a message or send email to To join our congregation, please print a copy of our membership form, fill it out, and send it to our Synagogue.

Pardes Levavot gratefully acknowledges Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado for their support of our Circle of Family Education program. Thank you!

News release from ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, May 25, 2004

Boulder Colorado Jewish Renewal Community a Pioneer in Deep Ecumenism

by Debra Kolodny

Pardes Levavot (Orchard of Hearts), a Jewish Renewal community led by Rabbis Nadya and Victor Gross, is working to transform the lives of its congregants through a unique and compelling partnership with Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.

Many small Jewish communities share or rent space — sometimes from other congregations, other times from a Jewish Community Center, and still other times from another Jewish organization. Some rent from a local church. But in Boulder Colorado the not yet one-year old Pardes Levavot is embarking on a partnership that constitutes far more than sharing sacred space. Grounded in a vision of transcending divisions common between Jews and Christians, Pastors Linda and Larry Daniels-Block and the Grosses are engaging the members of their respective communities in shared ritual and prayer, theological exploration, text study and deep personal dialogue.

All are careful to acknowledge and honor the real differences between them in concepts of God and in religious practice. The work they are doing is not an exercise in finding superficial commonalities or down playing difference. Through depth and authenticity, the four share the hope that their work will support and enhance the spiritual growth of both communities, will contribute to tikkun olam — addressing the very real social/political and theological pain existing between Christians and Jews, and finally, will serve as a model for religious communities around the globe.

Grounded in their personal experience that deep dialogue and shared experience can create profound understanding and appreciation for the other traditions, the four spiritual leaders embark on this project with the deepest respect for each other and for the possibility that deep ecumenism holds for healing our world.

After the four leaders had met weekly for months, on Friday, May 21, 2004 members of both congregations gathered to welcome Shabbat, break bread and dedicate what was once a Lutheran Church as a shared spiritual space. Jews and Christians danced together around the sanctuary, greeting the Sabbath Bride by singing L'cha Dodi. Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, the founder of the Jewish Renewal movement officiated over the dedication of the space, the chanukat ha bayit, by affixing the mezuzah. The Pastors and Rabbis gave teachings that brought tears to many in attendance.

If the launch of this project is any indication of its long term potential, deep ecumenism harbors the power to transform lives and change the fabric of large scale religious engagement for generations to come.

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