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Pardes Levavot

Pardes Levavot, “Orchard of Hearts,” was formed in the spirit of creating conscious holy community. Our name expresses the spiritual blossoming of each individual heart within an inspiring and nurturing orchard.

For information on our congregation please call (303) 563-2110 and leave a message or send email to To join our congregation, please print a copy of our membership form, fill it out, and send it to our Synagogue.

Pardes Levavot gratefully acknowledges Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado for their support of our Circle of Family Education program. Thank you!


Rabbi Rami Shapiro's Response
"A Portrait of Jewish Americans," the recent Pew study of American Jewish life, has grabbed the attention of many liberal rabbis, myself among them. What troubles the rabbis I've been talking with is that after decades of trying to create a vibrant and intrinsically compelling Judaism we find that most Jews just don't care.

Top Rabbi, Rabbi Dan Ornstein
Newsweek's most recent list of the top fifty rabbis in America was published on March 21, and I wasn't on it....again!

Acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize, Al Gore
...We, the human species, are confronting a planetary emergency – a threat to the survival of our civilization that is gathering ominous and destructive potential even as we gather here. But there is hopeful news as well: we have the ability to solve this crisis and avoid the worst – though not all – of its consequences, if we act boldly, decisively and quickly...

Religion is a bloody disgrace, Rabbi Tony Bayfield
...We have made desperately poor progress on the practical agenda of pooling what is best in our respective traditions for the good of humanity and the globe because we cannot bring ourselves to face up to the theological disclosure implicit in our diversity...

An Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Abortion as a Moral Decision, The Reverend Debra W. Haffner
...As religious leaders, we are committed to supporting people's efforts to achieve spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, including their reproductive and sexual health. We assist women and families confronted with unintended pregnancies or pregnancies that can no longer be carried to term. We are committed to social justice, mindful of the 46 million women worldwide who have an abortion each year, almost half in dangerous and illegal situations. We seek to create a world where abortion is safe, legal, accessible, and rare...

Further Studies

A Sacred Duty: Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal the World
Shalom, I am pleased to inform you of an excellent documentary in case you have not already seen it. This acclaimed DVD is written, produced and directed by award winning film maker, Lionel Friedberg. It has a strong message regarding global warming and other environmental threats, health issues, the treatment of animals and much more, and has the potential of moving our imperiled planet to a sustainable path. The movie may also be seen on the internet at There is also much background material, including questions and answers about the movie at that web site.
We feel it would be very beneficial for all Jewish people to view "A Sacred Duty." You can email to Sheila at or call 604-580-4087, and we will be delighted to send you a complementary copy. Please forward this email to anyone you feel may be interested.
Thank you so much, Sheila Coodin for Jewish Vegetarians of North America

The Cave of Reconciliation
The Cave of Reconciliation by Pecki Sherman Witonsky. In the Southern Judea region, 3,050 feet above sea level, lies a city; some know it as Hebron, others Al-Khalil. In this city sits a cave with three names: the Tomb of the Patriarchs, Ma'arat H'Machpelah, and al-Haram al-Ibrahimi. The cave is said to house the remains of a man and his family. The name can be pronounced Abraham, Avraham, or Ibrahim, but the man is the same.

Taking Action on Civil Rights
The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights is the premier coalition of Civil Rights organizations in this country. Led by Wade Henderson it is a serious player on the DC political scene, working daily with progressive Senators and Congress people to advocate on issues of concern to many of us. LCCR consists of more than 192 national organizations, representing persons of color, women, children, labor unions, individuals with disabilities, older Americans, major religious groups, gays and lesbians and civil liberties and human rights groups. Its mission: to promote the enactment and enforcement of effective civil rights legislation and policy. Organizations like NOW, MALDEF, Disability Rights Education Fund, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Asian American Justice Center, Interfaith Alliance and People for the American way are members.

Documentary Highlights Child Labor Horrors
Filmmakers Risk Violence to Document Child Labor Atrocities; Millions of Kids, From Kenya to Texas, Forced to Work. For an estimated 246 million children around the world, life is nothing but work. Considered cheap, hardworking and easy to control, these children routinely face brutal conditions, long hours and demanding physical labor.

A review of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi's new book Jewish With Feeling: A Guide to Meaningful Jewish Practice.
"Born in Poland in 1924, Schachter-Shalomi is probably most associated with the mystically infused, psychologically attuned movement called "Jewish Renewal." But his spiritual wandering has taken him on a far wider path, from an Orthodox European upbringing to the world of Lubavitch Hasidism and the life of a religious emissary – and then on the much wider, yet perhaps more familiar, arc of a countercultural religious figure: "mind expansion" in the 1960s, the New Age in the '70s and '80s, places like Dharamsala and the Naropa Institute (where, until recently, he held the Chair in World Wisdom) in the last two decades."

Information on the Geneva Accords.
The draft text of the Geneva Accords, obtained exclusively by Haaretz can be viewed on the Pardes Levavot web site. The BBC has a Q&A on the Geneva Accords dating from November, 2003. You should note that recent developments ought to lend a more optimistic tone to any analysis. The Mideast Web has information available on the Geneva Accords, including links to a great deal of additional information.

CDs and Other Resources

Chant and Sacred Music from Rabbi Shefa Gold.

The Hidden One: Jewish Mystical Songs from Cantor Richard Kaplan.

Friday Night Revived! from Rabbi Rayzel Raphael. Rebs Nadya and Victor "rocked to the sounds of this CD on our road trip home from Kallah, and Pardes members can expect to be learning some of the music at future Friday evening services."

Return Again, A unique blend of traditional and original stories for the Days of Awe and times of personal transformation by Devorah Zaslow.

The remarkable 4-CD set, Invoking the Seven Beggars: A Neo-Hasidic Method of Inner Transformation, is now available. This live recording of the Spring 2004 Palo Alto workshop was taught by Rabbi Miles Krassen and Hazzan Richard Kaplan. This offering elucidates one of the great transmissions of Jewish Mysticism. Interlaced throughout the four hours are niggunim (melodies) which serve as musical mnemonics for the amazing teachings of each "beggar." Available at

SEEDS of WONDER, Hanna Tiferet's seventh recording, has come to life during this first week of Shevat, 5767. SEEDS of WONDER contains 15 new song-prayers to nourish your heart and soul. Once again, Hanna has created beautiful music that will carry you through hard times, help you prepare for Shabbat, inspire your children, and renew your connection to ancient texts. She is joined by a host of talented musicians including Shulamit Wise Fairman, Cantor Jeff Klepper, and a choir of angels. SEEDS of WONDER is available both digitally and in a full CD format from